Iguana laying and looking around

On a rainy day on vacation, we visited a local aquarium/terrarium. This Iguana was laying there as if he just woke up.

Hyena looking

A nice portrait of a bored looking Hyena. I had the ability to slightly change my position and the zoom, and shot the same Hyena, now looking focused on a pray.

Hyena looking backwards

On a round through the local zoo (yes I visit it a lot) I spotted a Hyena laying on the ground. At the moment I wanted to walk away, he looked around and I could not resist the shot. [selllinks]

Hyena focused

This is if you ask me a perfect composition of a Hyena. It was just a normal “bored looking” Hyena. But because of my position against that of the Hyena, and the zoom I used it looks like he is focused on something. [selllinks]