Baking a Muffin

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It was a family day, and I was making some family pictures. My wife was in the process of backing muffins to celebrate the birthday of my daughter at the daycare. Walking around trough the living room, I spotted this possibility in the kitchen. So I had to interrupt the family pictures and take this shot.

Australian green tree frog

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It was during a zoo visit that I had the ability to take this photo. While walking by the terrarium I only looked trough the front windows to spot the animals. And I completely overlooked the frog at first. It was my wife who spotteth this frog through a side window and showed it to me. Off […]

Caterpillar Crossing

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I was walking a bigger round with Family and Friends and did not bring my camera along (!). As soon as we spotted this beauty on the ground, I know it was a bad idea to leave my camera at home. It was this day that I learned that a nice foto can be hidden […]