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Uploading photos

Uploading photo’s to Shutterstock is pretty easy. You can upload multiple photos at once.

After you upload your photo’s you need to add metadata to it so it can be found.
A name and category is always the easy part. For the harder part, tagging, Shutterstock has a tool that helps you.

You search for at east 3 similar pictures on Shutterstock, and based on the results, Shutterstock will provide you with a list of suggested tags.

After you added the metadata, and you are submitting your work for review, Shutterstock will automatically validate your tags and gives you possible correction of misspelled and uknown tags.

Review process

I don’t have a thing to complain about the review process. Rejected images have a good understandable reason.

A good thing that has to be sad is that, on weekdays, most of my photo’s are reviewed within 24 hours.


Shutterstock has an earning system that lets you earn more if you sell more photos. The higher your total earnings are, the higher the earning for each new download will be. If you ask me, it is a good extra motivation.

Your Lifetime Earnings as a Contributor Monthly Subscriber Image* On Demand Image* (Sml/Med) On Demand Image* (Any Size) Custom Image /
Enhanced License Image*
Footage Clip
$0 – $500 $0.25 $0.81 $1.88 20% (up to $80) 30%
*Images include photos, vectors and illustrations.


All together Shutterstock is a great website to start experimenting with microstock selling.



Uploading photos


    Review process





        • Fast review
        • Easy tag search
        • Tag correction


        • Tag correction can be wrong for uknown tags

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