Saal Digital Review

Saal Digital is an international webshop for (hobby)photographer to order high-quality prints. I tested the german shop. The delivered product:

Ordering process

For my test order, I wanted to order a 30×30 centimeter print of this red panda on Acrylic glass. So I selected this product.
As soon as I wanted to order, I needed to download some software. This was a negative experience since I actually don’t think I need extra software for this. Luckily for me, the software does not support Linux and they still have an online version.


The online webshop looks great but has some minor user-friendly issue since you can’t easily switch between the website and your shopping basket. The system kept telling that there is software available and that it has way more functions. So I got curious and also installed the software. In the end, I placed my order online.

Offline software

As soon as I started it, I noticed that the online software really is a light version of the installed version. And if you want to do more complex things like making a composition you really need it. Yet as a web developer, I don’t see the need for installed software and I know it is possible to create software that can do all these features in the browser.


I made my order on Monday evening, the print was delivered Friday. Basically Saal Digital needed 3 days for printing and shipping. I think this time is pretty good for high-quality products.


Off course we also need to look the quality of the printed work.

Looking to print, I can confirm that the print is high quality. I only have one comment, that has nothing to do with the quality, but with my expectations. A print on Acrylic glass needs to be in an environment with lots of light to be really beautiful (more than a print on canvas) since this hint was not on the website I did not count with this. The photo on a darker place, In the corridor, as you can see the panda is clearly darker as on the image above:

I have to say that the promised depth effect is clearly visible. For example, this is clearly visible at the panda’s hair of hair:


Saal Digital definitely delivers high-quality products. If I ever come in a situation where I order photo prints for customers, I would definitely take Saal Digital into my considerations. They offer a sample kit, where you can order a photo on different materials. I would definitely use that to show my costumers how their prints could look. This is, besides the quality, a good service that also could prevent wrong expectations.

Saal Digital

Saal Digital

Ordering process

6.0 /10


8.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • High Quality
  • Preview set avalible
  • Lots of products


  • Non user friendly order process
  • Offline software for complex compositions