Add some extra functionality (V 1.2.0 released)

This release is all about adding functionality and development speed. Add mixins for reset, resize, buttons, arrows and extend existing helper mixins Add bower.json resolving in the public folder Add offline demo website with bower dependencies Add file_exists to helper methods reload ruby helpers on each request, so you don’t need to restart the server […]

Whoops a bug, version 1.1.1 released

It’s just a minor release, but it will fix a sloppy bug. We removed a forgotten ‘Require ‘pry” 😉

Make the gem easy to use (v1.1.0 released)

Today we released a new version of this gem. Version 1.1.0 adds functionality, just to make you are developing a website even more “easy” as we made it with version 1.0.0. What have we added? Easy commands to start the server (ehc server) and to parse the dev_root (ehc generate) Included the ActiveSupport gem with […]

It’s a gem now! (1.0.0 released)

We released version 1.0.0 from your easy_html_creator. Or in other words, it’s a gem now. Yes, we are listed on as well. We will still keep working on our gem, we have many improvements planned. Feel free to fork and contribute.

Version 0.1.2 released

We released version 0.1.2 from your easy_html_creator What is new in this version? We added the ability to “autoload” helpers to make it easy to add your own ruby code to the HAML parser and added the Actionview gem so that you don’t have to write Rails standards yourself. The next step would be, make […]

Version 0.1.1 released

We released version 0.1.1 from easy_html_creator What is new in this version? When using it we noticed we could not add any images or other static files. That was kind of crap. The solution? Add a “public” folder to the dev_root tree, from where we just copy all its contents to the web_root.

Version 0.1.0 released

We released version 0.1.0 from easy_html_creator What’s new in this version? We added the ability to render SASS and CoffeeScript as well. Now we reached our first goal it’s time to tune. Anny good ideas, but no time to fork and develop? Feel free to share them with us!

Version 0.0.2 released

We released version 0.0.2 from easy_html_creator What’s new in this version? We cut the crap of rendering only one HTML website with fixed pages. From now on every sub-folder from devroot get rendered as a separate website and all HAML files (except the layout.haml) ar rendered to an HTML version. To make sure the output […]

Version 0.0.1 released

We released the first working version from easy_html_creator. Please keep in mind that we still need to do develop many features before it is a useful tool. Feel free to fork and contribute.