Ostrich head

We were walking around trough a family park near Berlin, and then we spotted an Ostrich with a red beak looking at us. In the same enclosure, this Ostrich was standing, standing a few meters away from the one we spotted first.

Iguana laying and looking around

On a rainy day on vacation, we visited a local aquarium/terrarium. This Iguana was laying there as if he just woke up.

Meerkat Looking for a Bird

On a family day out, we were walking around, as we spotted a huge meerkat family. This little guy was the lookout, but at the same time, he was posing for me.

Ostrich head from the side

We were walking around trough a family park near Berlin, and then we spotted this Ostrich looking at us. In the same enclosure, the was a second Ostrich, standing a few meters apart.

Hyena looking

A nice portrait of a bored looking Hyena. I had the ability to slightly change my position and the zoom, and shot the same Hyena, now looking focused on a pray.

Lemur eating from its hand

Normally I only take photo’s of the Lemurs in that I can walk in between. But this cute younger was just asking for a photo.

Hyena looking backwards

On a round through the local zoo (yes I visit it a lot) I spotted a Hyena laying on the ground. At the moment I wanted to walk away, he looked around and I could not resist the shot. [selllinks]

Sleeping polar bear

Most of the time I only see bored polar bears in a zoo, so when I spotted this sleeping one I had to take a picture.he He opened his eyes only for one second, on the sound of screaming kids. Then he continued sleeping. [selllinks]

Hyena focused

This is if you ask me a perfect composition of a Hyena. It was just a normal “bored looking” Hyena. But because of my position against that of the Hyena, and the zoom I used it looks like he is focused on something. [selllinks]

Gecko ready to eat lunch

When walking through the zoo, I spotted this Gecko. So I took him in focus, not knowing that he would focus on something to eat within seconds. Sadly he did not reach for it with his tongue, but it still gave me the possibility to take this shot. [selllinks]